Thursday, March 18, 2010

Time to get back on the horse.

Ok so that was my one and only WW meeting..I did really well for a couple of weeks, until that fateful day when me and a 6 layer Mexican dip collided..and it was me.

Ever since that day it's as though I can't get enough to eat..I am about to step back onto the scale to see how much damage I've done..I need to get back on track..I need to remember the feeling of health when I'm eating just feels SO good to eat something delicious...and the Girl Scout cookies certainly haven't helped.

So I'm back, head hanging...I lost my MoJo.

The Hubby and I have gone 180...completely ass backwards...he may not be ready to admit it, but I am..I fell off track...way way way off track.

How am I SO easily sidetracked?? Why, when it feels so amazing to eat light, do I get completely blinded by food?..maybe literally as I'm stuffing it into my mouth??

I've been AWOL for quite awhile..maybe just embarrassed that I don't have some fabulous news about "the new me".

Sorry, it's just the same ole me.

My pants feel a little tight..i can feel my backfat on the carseat when I'm driving..this is a tell tale sign, my own personal sign..that i'm getting larger.

I feel like I am freefalling right now..I am looking for something to grab onto so I don't fall too deep, I fall and fall, with my eyes clamped shut. Maybe if I opened them, I could see what I'm looking for.

The sound of my defeat is pretty deafening. I had such great intentions. But I love to eat.

That's all I can muster for now. I wanted you all to know I am still here just in case you were interested. As you may already know, the family takes up most of my time and I haven't had much time lately to really even think about jottin out a blog. Gosh, I realize right now how much I miss this.

Ok so I did step onto the scale and it wasn't so bad.. at least I didn't gain too much..i sure feel puffy though..maybe a little water instead of wine would do the trick? Naaah, not instead of, just along bout that? After all, I do love my wine..