Thursday, January 7, 2010

I watched a commercial. Ok, it wasn't just one commercial. I watched all the commercials today while catching up on a couple of Tivo'd shows. I MISS COMMERCIALS.

Remember when you actually had to be in front of the TV at a certain time in order to watch your beloved shows? People actually would gather in their living rooms with a bowl of popcorn and watch things like Little House on the Prarie..TOGETHER. Since DVR it's just a distant memory. OK, Little House on the Prarie was already a distant memory before Tivo. Don't get me wrong. Without Tivo I'd miss it all. I go to bed way too early to catch any of my shows.I'd yell at my kids a whole lot more without the ability to pause live TV. It really is a Mom's BFF.

But I really miss the days of gathering around to watch a show together, knowing the whole USA was sitting around the tube watching too. The commercials were the time you ran to the potty and were praying you'd make it back in time not to miss anything, God forbid the phone would ring during the show! oooh, do I miss those days..Now we all cram in watching our shows in between texing each other and checking our Facebook accounts,not to mention raising semi well adjusted children.

I miss being together. I miss the whole world gathering for little things like TV. It felt like you weren't so alone in the world. To me, it's just one more way people aren't connected as much anymore. Maybe it's just that I've been in the baby underground, but I don't think so. Along with losing this weight once and for all I have another goal for this connect with people. I'm getting advice from my 94 year old Mamaw on this subject. She tells me what my generation doesn't know.

How to be social.

That brings me to my next thought..I keep tossing around the idea of hosting pot luck get togethers once a month or so with some friends, neighbors, family..but think it will derail me from my "diet". Is this just a reason to flake? Am I alone in being afraid to reach out to other people outside of my circle?

I lost 2 pounds. It feels glorious. This is always the weight at which I give up the eating right and remain stuck. It's my own doing, I know. If I could just persevere..if the Easy Mac I'm feeding my baby would quit calling my name..I think I can , I think I can, I think I can..

Maybe going back to basics is the way to begin.


  1. I miss potlucks and I also miss the old television. I dropped cable I can't stand this new era of TV so much. I liked it when there were only 4 channels and one of them showed Little House on the Prairie, which even though I was too old for it, I would just "watch with my little sister to keep her company." Those were the days. Also the Waltons. Night John Boy.
    ps host a vegetarian potluck and it won't be too bad on the diet!

  2. A couple of years ago I moved from a very populated city in Fl to the mountains of NC. I stepped back about 50 years in time when I did so. It's perfect because we have tvo and texting as well as potlucks. When we moved into our house, every neighbor on the street stopped by to drop off a goodie of some sort. It's really kinda cool...

    On losing weight, check out my "Really" blog--the post "The Walrus and the Exerciser" for my take on the exact same thing. Last year my husband and I were where you and yours are now--HE persevered. Not so much with me ;-) We moms have different priorities. Right?

  3. I'd like to go there with you, Skuddy. Take me away.......

  4. I guess being poor has its advantages. We haven't upgraded to tivo or texting. We still fight over the tv and remote! LOL!

    Welcome to the blogging world!

    Pot lucks sound like a good idea, maybe not for your diet, but at least you would be social.

  5. You should totally do the potlucks. You need to eat well 80% of the time and a once a month potluck would be a good time for the other 20%. Although, there are plenty of healthy options for a potluck! Go for it. What can it hurt?

  6. I love potlucks! I organize birthday celebrations for my team at work, and this year I'm switching up the way we celebrate. Instead of cookies, cake, ice cream, normal brithday treats, we're going to do Food Days once a quarter. There will likely still be the cookies & cake, but hopefully there will also be some fruit & veg, pita chips & humus (hummus?)... I'm hoping it'll bring us together sociably and healthfully! : )