Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Let's Be Honest

I'm not doing very well on my "weight loss program".

Even though my hubbs has publicly announced our competition, still I am lacking motivation.

I even started out with a bang, lost 4 pounds already..and still not enough motivation for me to keep going.

What is wrong with me? Food is just SOOO delicious!!

Could my problem be the amount of times I have attempted and failed to stay the course, starting off determined, only to veer off the road to stop for some pancakes..or a whole loaf of fresh french bread?

I decided to go to Weight Watchers on Monday..I set up a plan for the kiddos to hang with my Mom so I could go weigh in and sign up for the program. I'm a huge fan of WW. Sitting in a room with people struggling with their weight just like me is a huge comfort. See, I am "the big one" in the family. I haven't always been though. I used to be in very good shape and somewhere around between my 25th and 26th birthdays, I gained 50 pounds.

Even when I'm "skinny", I'm not a small person by any means. At 5'6" I'm about as tall as the average American woman. But skinny to me is somewhere around 155 pounds, what I weighed in high school. When I look back at pictures I just can't believe how obsessed I was all the time, thinking I was FAT!! When I met my hubby, I was pretty comfy around 170...but that's when the 50 pounds started to creep onto my already non waify frame.

With both of my kids, I tipped the scale around 256 the days I gave birth to them and I am proud to say that just about a year after the baby was born, here I sit weighing 210. Those 46 pounds were not easy to take off..OK except the first 20 or so since we are being honest.. she was 8 pounds and of course I was in so much pain after a horrible C Section and a spinal headache that eating was not on my list of things to do during my hospital stay..I left 4 days after her birthday weighing 17 pounds lighter.

At any rate..I had my plan on Monday to weigh in at the big WW.

Well that didn't work out.

Instead, I went to the roller skating rink with my kids and some family, treating myself to a large pretzel with cheese please, and then there was the Mc Donald's for dinner. Oy vey!!!

So today is Wednesday. I still want to go to WW. There's a meeting tonite and Daddy can stay home with the kids. For those of you (all of you, I think) who read hubbys blog..

I really really really want that ring.


  1. You can do it!! Did you skate with the kids? That'll work off the pretzel right there!
    Good luck with the WW.

  2. That really is a very beautiful ring! Everytime your fixing to put something unhealthy in you mouth, think of that bea-u-ti-ful ring.

    I have an award waiting for you over at my place.